Most Wanted Apartment Amenities In Dallas

January 4, 2021

Due to current conditions, renters are spending more time at home and are looking for more activities that they can do while staying safe and healthy. Amenities have become a major factor in apartment searches now more than ever. We have gathered a list of the top 5 most wanted amenities that help renters get […]


Tips For Touring Apartments

November 23, 2020

Deciding where to live next can be a daunting decision to make. ROU Locating takes the stress out of apartment hunting by finding the right place that meets your needs. We are here to help you with locating your home and setting up tours. If you choose to tour a property on your own, here […]


ROU Locating’s Revolutionary Renter’s Rebate

November 4, 2020

Have you dreamed of owning a home but not sure how to get there? Compared to previous generations, millennials are renting longer due to being bogged down by student loans and lack of savings. Considering a future home purchase is often beyond reach for many renters. ROU (Rent On Us) was designed to help people do just […]

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