How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday to gather and celebrate what we are thankful for! Many people dedicate this day to spending time with family – but what about friends? A Friendsgiving party is the perfect way to enjoy the same holiday experience with your close friends without the stress that can sometimes accompany a traditional family dinner. We have put together tips below of how to throw the best friendsgiving this holiday season!

Preparation and Organization

Planning any party requires you to stay organized and on schedule to make sure everything is perfect for your guests. Send out invitations at least two weeks before so your guests can plan to attend. If you are throwing a potluck, get together a sign-up sheet to figure out what everyone is bringing. Plan your shopping list and get everything together a week before so you can go back if you forget any important items.

Food and Drink

What is a friendsgiving without food and drink? Make sure your guests leave with a full belly! As the host, it is important to provide the main dish (such as turkey) and a couple of side dishes so your guests can fill in the blanks for a complete feast. If you offer wine, make sure there are enough bottles for your guests. You can also do a festive fall punch that is easy to prepare and is sure to be a hit at your party!

Take-Home Containers

If everyone contributes to the potluck or if you plan out the feast correctly, then you are sure to have plenty of leftover food. Buying plastic containers for your guests to take home leftovers is the perfect ending to an amazing friendsgiving. Your guests are sure to appreciate the gesture!


For friendsgiving, the tablescape is the main attraction! Decorate your table with fall leaves, pumpkins, garland, and candles to set the mood for your perfect holiday dinner! Place cards are a simple, yet sophisticated touch that will make your guests feel special – whether they are handwritten or printed. Hanging banners or setting up a photo booth is a great way to set up a fun atmosphere for your friends to enjoy. Make a playlist of holiday music to play in the background of your friendsgiving dinner to bring everything together.

Giving Thanks and Reflection

Give your friends a chance to reflect on what they are thankful for this holiday season by handing out cards they can fill out or going around the table to share their blessings. One unique idea is to cover your table in butcher paper and draw lines at each setting for people to write down their reflections.

Fun and Games

Games and activites liven up any occasion. Whether it is drinking games or board games, make sure you have fun activities planned for your friends to enjoy after dinner to keep the party going! If everyone is too stuffed from turkey suggest a holiday movie marathon where everyone can vote on what films to watch!

Hosting a friendsgiving doesn’t have to be stressful! Use these tips for throwing your party and your guests are sure to have a memorable time this holiday season!

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