Bishop Arts


Come for the art & festivities, stay for the tribe, and grow with the community. Bishop arts is a centrally located neighborhood, minutes away from Downtown Dallas, where you will find a mix of historic and modern living spaces with sustainably designed architecture and interior accents. Here, you are never far away from transportation, community based locale-fare, shopping, and entertainment. Downtown Dallas is a short 10 min commute. Ready to explore your creative side? Let our experienced apartment locators find an apartment in the Bishop Arts area of Dallas that fits your lifestyle.

  • Accessibility:
    • 10mn to Downtown Dallas
    • 5mn to I-30
    • 5mn to I-35
  • Landmarks:
    • Bishop Arts Building
  • Entertainment:
    • The Kessler Theater
    • Bishop Arts District Alley
    • Revelers Hall
    • Bishop Art Theater Center

There are several ways to get from Bishop Arts District to Downtown Dallas. Take a 10 min drive to downtown or you can take the DART Dallas street car to Union Station located near the convention center.

Yes, you can take your canine friend pretty much anywhere in the Bishop Art’s District. Several of the communities have dedicated areas and dog friendly amenities.

There are several local, independent grocery stores in the Bishop Art’s District along Davis St. Fiesta Mart is the closest chain grocery store in the area followed by Walmart which is about 15min away right off I-30 and Crockrell Hill Road in West Dallas.

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