West Dallas Trinity Groves


At the heart of this neighborhood is Trinity Groves, an ambitious development that has become synonymous with West Dallas. Multiple phases are planned in the project which is revitalizing this area with new apartments, offices, retail opportunities and restaurants. The first phase included the transformation of a warehouse into several restaurants, connected by shared patio space. You can find everything from a vegan restaurant to a by-the-slice cake shop.

Also under development in West Dallas is the Trinity River Project. If you haven’t heard about this, you’re going to want to read more about it here. An ambitious 10,000-acre project set for completion in 2021, it is set to be the largest urban park in the US (because everything’s bigger in Texas).

One of our favorite areas of West Dallas is Sylvan Thirty, a mixed-use development anchored by an apartment building of the same name, with ample retail and restaurant options. Coffee from Houndstooth is a must, as is a breakfast taco (or 2) at Taco Deli. Grab a fresh juice at Austin Favorite Juiceland and sit down for a mani-pedi at Pink Pedi, a fume and toxin-free eco-friendly salon with their own line of spa products.

  • Trinity Groves. Bridge

  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Burger Joint.
  • Off-Site Kitchen. 331 Singleton Boulevard. Bridge.
  • Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge
  • Four Corners Brewing Company
  • Cake Bar

West Dallas is an area consisting of many communities and neighborhoods in DallasTexas, United States. West Dallas is the area bounded by Interstate 30 on the south, the Trinity River on the east and north, and the Trinity River’s West Fork on the west.

These developments are bringing top-tier chefs, yoga studios, fresh-food markets, hip retail and apartments and condos with views of the downtown Dallas skyline, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the Margaret McDermott Bridge.

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