ROU Locating’s Revolutionary Renter’s Rebate

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Have you dreamed of owning a home but not sure how to get there? Compared to previous generations, millennials are renting longer due to being bogged down by student loans and lack of savings. Considering a future home purchase is often beyond reach for many renters.

ROU (Rent On Us) was designed to help people do just that. Renters can now find their path to a home purchase by overcoming the hardest part of purchasing a home – the down payment. The Rent-Back program enables renters to earn a rent-back credit for their entire first year of rent – up to $25,000 toward the purchase of a qualified home. For example, if your monthly rent is $1500, the accumulated rent-back credit is $18,000 toward your home purchase!

ROU Locating offers a personalized apartment search to help its clients find the best possible options for their new apartment. ROU is the only locator in DFW offering up to 12 months of your rent back – with no obligations.

It’s easy to get started in the program by:

Step 1: Contact ROU to get started on your new apartment search.

Step 2: Your ROU locator will work with you to find the best deals that meet and exceed your expectations.

Step 3:  Move in, complete your non-binding agreement, and receive your free premium gift.

Step 4: Sit back and watch your rent-back credit grow up to $25,000. For the next 12 months, while your rent payments build credit start planning your home purchase. Your rent back credit expires after 26 months unless you decide you would like to find another apartment with ROU Locating.

Step 5: Work with your ROU licensed real estate agent to find your dream home and use your rent-back credit.

Do you have questions about our Rent-Back program? Contact us today to reach your dreams of homeownership. The rent you pay gets you $25K!

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The properties we specialize in do not accept applications with poor (under 500) credit scores or the selected background issue so unfortunately we will not be the best resource for you at this time.